Our Story Our Story

Picture it a city overrun by the worst kind of caffeine pimps you could imagine; the regime called SQAB. They had citizens doped up on their vB-grade product that saw them walking around like coffee zombies.

But deep below the city surface The Professor was brewing the real deal the coffee of the Gods that would bring people back from the brink with just one sip. Getting it to them was not gonna be easy.

The clash between The Professor’s henchmen and SQAB was so epic, it saw a ten tonne truck full of the goods overturn and unleash its fine liquid into the vein of the streets

When you’re dealing with a genius, it takes more than a transport mishap to stop his master plan.

Sure, SQAB thought they’d won foolishly believing that their reign over the good people of the city would continue. But the professor had other plans ...tick, tick, tick. Welcome to The Reformatory.