The Making of... The Making of ...

Some joints are so regular, you walk past ‘em everyday and don’t even notice, and this place was no exception. A desolate parking space - nothing more, nothing less.

Transforming it was gonna take a lot more than a little nip ’n’ tuck. This needed the sheer guts ripped out of it and a custom build from the ass up.

Concrete slabs, massive reinforcements, a 700 kilo lighting rig. It was the kind of job that you do once in a lifetime and pay for it in sweat.

Some days it stopped traffic. Literally! It needed a guy in a hard hat, high- viz vest, meat pie and STOP sign to keep the street gridlocked so that a 50-tonne truck could deliver the goods.

If it was easy, it wouldn’t have been worth doing. Because it takes the damn near impossible to bring a true vision to life.